What is Sustainaware?

Sustainaware is the Global Youth Partnership for Education on Sustainable Development. It has been established in 2014 connecting eight countries from five continents and since then it is growing in number of actions, visibility and numbers of countries involved. To check the current Partnership, please visit this subpage.

Initially financed by the European Commission's Capacity Building funds (Youth in Action and Erasmus+), Sustainaware is aiming at providing a platform for youth around the world to exchange good and promising practices on education on sustainable development for the sole purpose of bringing about change in local environments towards a more sustainable future.

In 2014 Sustainaware focused on understanding realities from five continents and produced a phisical toolkit that can be among other products accessed here. Eight Local Days of Actions (LDAs) and three Global Partners' Meetings (GPMs) were organized, while a consultation about the future of the Partnership was carried on. More about the process in 2014 can be found in the video below. 

In 2015 we carried out two additional GPMs and more than hundred LDAs around the world, which can be accessed via the campaign #AllForCOP21 subpage. We introduced five Regional Partners' Meetings (RPMs) as  an agreement of the 2014 consultation among partners, who asked to have a more sustainable partnership that would not involve so much global travel when not needed and much more local and regional actions. The purpose of the RPMs in 2015 and 2016 were to bring more young people from similar cultural, political and historical background by the table, explain the United Nations and Conference of Parties (COP) on Climate Change process, share good practices and deliver Regional Manifestos on Climate Change. See more about the locations of GPMs and RPMs on the activities' subpage.