Previous activities

This page is still under construction. 

So far the Sustainaware partnership has organized several global, regional and local actions. While we mention only the first eight Local Days of Actions (LDAs) that happened in 2014 and initiated further over hundred LDAs around the globe, more about the #AllForCOP21 actions can be found here
Global Partners' Meetings Regional Partners' Meetings
1st GPM: Izola, Slovenia
March 2014
European RPM: Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
September 2015
2nd GPM: New York, USA
 September 2014
North American RPM: New York and New Haven, USA - October 2015
3rd GPM: Ahmedabad, India
November 2014
Asian RPM: Mumbai, India
January 2016
4th GPM: Kranjska Gora - Slovenia - June 2015 African RPM: Abuja, Nigeria
February 2016
5th GPM: Gaeta, Italy
November 2015
South American RPM: Cordoba, Argentina
March 2016

Local Days of Action 2014
  • Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Liechtenstein - March 2014
  • Nigeria - June 2014
  • Argentina - July 2014
  • USA - September 2014
  • India - November 2014