Partners involved

The Sustainaware partnership was oficially initialized in 2014 by the Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia and Fundacion Tierra Vida Argentina after several years of bilateral collaboration among current partners of the Partnership. It derived out of the Road to Rio+20 initiative, where young leaders from all across the globe were united to deliver a clear message to world leaders at the Rio+20 Sustainable Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in 2012. 

Sustainaware is building on good practices of the Rio+Vos campaign, South-Asian Youth Conference Series, European Youth Congress Series and Global Kids' Human Rights Activists Project
Currently, the Sustainaware Global Partnership for Education on Sustainable Development, consists of the following partners:
No Excuse Slovenia strives for positive social change and personal growth of young people. It fosters their social participation and activation of their peers. By peer-to-peer and intergenerational dialogue it raises awareness about current topics and encourages their critical thinking. Through various projects the organization promotes and advocates for sustainable development, tolerance, healthy lifestyle and active citizenship. No Excuse Slovenia is an apolitical and non-profit organization, working independently from any private source of funding.  We currently have three strategic committees (SC):SC for Sustainable Development, SC for Public Health and SC for Activation projects.

Symbiose Gemeinschaft is an association that stands for a connected and sustainable society in the Rhine valley in Liechtenstein and beyond. In this society, we live in accordance with our surroundings and ourselves. Together with others, ecological, social, economic and technological innovations come into existence, which enable respectful interactions with each other and with the environment.

African  Youth Voluntary Organization (AYVO) is a non-political, non-profit making and nonpartisan youth led organization established in 2006 by some volunteer activist youth individuals in Somalia   to response worsening situation of Environment and young people and other marginalized and vulnerable groups in Somalia. AYVO is committed to the principles of participatory and sustainable development and  providing assistance impartially. It is mindful of culture and custom, and  Building local capacity.

O.A.Z.A. Our mission is to help young people to become role models, leaders who are going to address the most burning global issues, and become carriers of sustainable development. We have a two-step approach to it: first, we help them to develop a proper value system and become wholesome persons through workshops, personal coaching and mentorship, and second - we engage them in different projects of our organization.

Civil Life Association (CLA) is a totally youth led NGO from Turkey and it works in the 6 main policy fields of youth policies. That includes youth health, environment, democratic participation, disadvantaged youth and social inclusion, entrepreneurship, culture and art. These working groups have volunteers conducting the work and 1 national director. CLA has 30 dependent member organizations and they represent different cities of Turkey. In the recent years CLA has been delivering regional, national and international projects. More information can be obtained at


Connected Development (CODE) is a non government organization whose mission is to improve access to information and empower local communities in Africa. We strengthen local communities by creating platforms for dialogue, enabling informed debate, and building capacities of marginalized communities which ensured social and economic progress while promoting transparency and accountability.Through our Nigerian Youth Climate Action Network (NYACN), CODE leads champions of groups and individuals working to promote youth and Environmental activities in Nigeria.

Fundación TierraVida is a youth-led organization founded in 2010 in Cordoba, Argentina, that seeks to inspire, mobilize and support young people to take action to drive environmental sustainability in their communities. Currently, it has 24 volunteers from different parts of Argentina and with different profiles which means TierraVida is a multidisciplinary organization.


Youth Environment Network (YEN) Zambia is a non-profit youth based organization founded in September 2007. Its ultimate goal is to educate, engage and empower youths, women and children in activities that will improve their living standards and the natural environment as a whole.

Esplora is an association of social, cultural and touristic promotion. It born in 2013 as an idea of 5 Italians young which figured out importance of the intercultural education and they decided to promote this experience, providing this opportunity to the people interested. Esplora also works in the responsible tourism giving you the possibility to discover other cultures and prepare you to live an experience funny and learning.

Global Kids, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization for global learning and youth development, works to ensure that youth from underserved areas have the knowledge, skills, experiences and values they need to succeed in school, participate effectively in the democratic process, and achieve leadership in their communities and on the global stage.

180° Foundation from Ecuador works to build a caring community focused on the needs of the people, in the development of their capabilities and the care of the environment. To achieve this we prioritize research as a basis to attain knowledge that will enable sustainable development, and promote participation in projects with collective actions that contribute to the development of society.

The Blue Ribbon Movement is a social organisation that creates and nurtures social leaders. Our programs provide leadership education through a service learning model, empowering youngsters to solve social issues. Through our participants, we have created a leadership driven ecosystem of social change.


If you are interested in joining the Partnership, please contact us here!